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Behind Faler is the Tarse Finance company, which is part of the international financial institution Tarse Group, which has been offering quick loans since 2007. The brand operates on the Finnish, Swedish and Danish markets. It appeared in Poland at the end of 2014, introducing a completely new solution in the form of a renewable loan limit. The product combines the features of a non-bank loan and a revolving bank account limit – it is fast, available online, does not require any formalities and can be managed as needed . The rule is simple – in a given month we have a specific amount at our disposal, which we can spend in full, use only part of it or not use it at all. To have regular access to additional money, you only need to remember the minimum payment, which is the sum of commission and interest due. The advantage of Faler.pl is that at any time we have the chance to adjust the limit amount to current needs – reducing or increasing the level of available funds. What’s more, we can settle the entire commitment and close the line at any time.

A revolving loan limit of up to PLN 5,000

A revolving loan limit of up to PLN 5,000

“Borrowing doesn’t have to be expensive. We borrow cheaply and responsibly ”- provides Faler. Indeed, especially at lower amounts, the monthly cost of the loan limit is not great. For 300 zlotys it is 35 zlotys, and for 500 zlotys – 54 zlotys. When our loan line amounts to PLN 1,000, we will pay PLN 100 every month, for PLN 2,000 the fee increases to PLN 184, and at PLN 3,000 it is PLN 250. Having a limit of PLN 4,000, the monthly cost is PLN 300, and for the maximum amount available, i.e. PLN 5,000, it is PLN 334. The final amount of the granted limit depends on your creditworthiness. When applying for PLN 300 or 500, you need to make a verification transfer per 1 gr. If we choose the verification method through the Instantor service (immediate verification of a personal account that requires entering our bank name as well as a password and login for online banking), we can activate any of the seven available limits.

Faler – for whom?

Faler.pl - for whom?

The loan in the form of a revolving line is addressed to persons over 23 years of age who have Polish citizenship and a personal account (excluding invoices at SKOK). To run a revolving loan limit, it is also necessary to have a good credit history in the Credit Information Bureau (BIK) and no negative entries in the registers of Economic Information Bureaus (National Debt Register and ERIF Register of Debtors).


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